Emmali and Rollin Norkam Grads 2022

It was so fun to be asked  to shoot pictures of these wonderful Norkam grads here in beautiful Kamloops, British Columbia! I was excited to finally meet Emmali and Rollin as we had to postpone their shoot several times.  We have not been getting very much sun this month! Luckily we made it work on the one day that was not raining that week, and it turned out beautiful!

We met at the Horticultural Gardens at TRU and we were able to get so many beautiful pictures of Emmali and then both of them together! She and Rollin were wonderful to work with, fun, patient and helpful! We were even able to get some stupendous views of our city Kamloops!


These two grads are graduating from Norkam this month and plan on attending TRU in the fall. Apparently, Rollin is going for his Bachelor of Science and Emmali just found out she has been accepted into the Respiratory Therapy program! I’m so happy for them both as this is such an important year for them! I’m grateful to have been asked to capture this special time! Happy Graduation Emmali and Rollin!!

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