Jessica Sprague with a Glyph Class!!

What is a glyph you ask??? Check out another fun but amazing class at Jessica Sprague about glyphs and find out! I pretty much learned most of what I know about Adobe Photoshop from Jessica and her amazing website years ago. I followed her Photoshop Friday and ending up taking most of her digital scrapbooking classes. Jessica makes easy to understand videos that are clear, concise and easy to follow. She teaches you step by step what all the tools are for and how they can be used. So when I found she was offering another class that was all about Glyphs, I signed up right away! The glyph palette is new to Photoshop and makes working with type so much easier!! Here is the quote she is demonstrating (isn’t it fun?) …I will post my own when I am finished! Anyone else interested in crazy, wonderful type??


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