The Christmas Card Struggle

I always struggle with Christmas cards every year. I love to receive them and love to send them but the problem is December! The month is so jam packed with things to do like shopping, baking, cleaning  and getting ready for Christmas. The thought of sending out 50 cards is especially daunting because I love sending out a newsletter with it. Some years I am successful, but other years it goes out after Christmas and sometimes into January. Somehow, writing after Christmas is more relaxing because I don’t have a to do list. I can just sit in my pyjamas, drinking hot chocolate with the snow falling outside and sit and write and design. Instead of another thing to get done, it’s just fun creating art with words and pictures.

This year my inspiration came from an instagram picture that I found of an annual report by Emilie at pluckymomo. I loved it and right away knew it was the format I wanted to use for my newsletter this year! So that very morning, I started working on it in Adobe Illustrator and finished it in the next couple of days. It goes out this weekend …a little late, but it’s a New Year’s letter and I love it and love what I learned from doing it.

Mathieson Report 2013

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