Visual Quotation Poster

Visual Quotation

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This was designed to showcase this quote on the importance of work in relation to success. With Adobe Photoshop I extracted the picture of my son playing soccer and then copied it several times reducing the opacity to give it the tremendous forward momentum that he was showing. I then used Adobe InDesign to layout the quote and picture together. …

McKenzie Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

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I designed this wedding invitation for the Engen family. They supplied the photos and I gave the bride and groom 3 different designs using Adobe Photoshop and they happily chose this one.

Life Poster

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  This is one of a set of three posters emphasizing the declaration of human rights. I focused on the right to be free, to marry and to love. While designing these human rights posters, I wanted to use personal photos that would capture the words themselves and add depth and meaning to the expression of the human right. I used …

Culture Poster

Culture Poster

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Using the word CULTURE, my assignment was to design a poster around it! I happily used pictures of my daughter in Peru and the culture that she experienced there. I  incorporated the pictures into the letters and then added words to emphasize it. I made the background using a picture of Peru and desatured it in Adobe Photoshop.