Sara Bromley and Mona Banek

When my friend Sara contacted me and asked me to take pictures of her with her Aunt Mona, who was celebrating her 84th birthday this year,  I was so happy to be asked! We met at McArthur Island in the Butterfly Gardens, a perfect spot this time of year full of flowers! Apparently, Mona loves visiting here and walks the Island frequently so it was a great place to meet!

These two beautiful ladies were friendly, happy and so fun to take pictures of! I couldn’t believe how spry and spunky Mona was and it sounds like she still keeps busy with her family! I have known Sara for years and know her to be one of the craftiest ladies I know, her woodworking is amazing! The sun was beautiful that night and it was the perfect night to spend with two ladies that really care about each other. It was such a privilege to be able to take pictures of them!

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