Soccer in Kamloops

It’s April and we are back in KYSA SOCCER season watching Mitchell play which means the weather will be unpredictable from one week to the next. Our first week was freezing and I spent half the game watching it from the car with another Mom! Last week we had hot, sunny days with record temperatures which made watching soccer fun, because I didn’t need my winter coat or extra blankets! I don’t know how the boys standing on the side lines do it when the weather is so cold! I know when Mitchell is playing he’s running around a lot so no worries then, but when they stop they must get cold but you can never tell looking at them.

We are happy to have Mitchell playing soccer again because he has been playing with most of these boys for years and they love playing together. Half of them play on the same basketball team at Norkam so they know each other really well. They love to win,but I think the best part is that they are playing and having fun with friends! As a parent, that’s what you really want for your kids!

As a photographer,  my favourite time during the game is when the sun is going down and I catch the sunset light! Taking pictures outside is definitely easier than trying to catch sports in the weird lit gyms! My only complaint is that the boys always seem to be playing on the other side of the field! But it really is wonderful to be outside again in the spring weather cheering on our boys with the other parents!! Happy soccer days…



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