Anniversary Photo Shoot with Kevin and Melodie


 Kevin and Melodie-2
Check out those sweet cowboy boots!! Melodie forgot them for her wedding pictures…made sure we had them for these!!


Can’t believe my daughter Melodie and son-in-law Kevin were married 2 years yesterday! We were thrilled to have them come visit us from Castlegar this Easter weekend . While they were here we made sure to fit in an anniversary photo shoot! Of course Kevin always has fun and kissing Mel was probably the best part! We found a wide open field for pictures which is important for this nature loving couple!! Nothing better than hunting, fishing and being outdoors for these two…one of these days I need to take pictures of them ice fishing! Just so glad they are my kids…..


 Kevin and Melodie-6
2 years of marriage….9 years of loving each other…..


 Kevin and Melodie-9


 Kevin and Melodie-8
We look forward to seeing what the future holds for these two!
Kevin and Melodie-7
Happy marriages are made when we meet in the middle!!


Kevin and Melodie-5



 Kevin and Melodie-4


 Kevin and Melodie-3


Kevin and Melodie-1
Happy 2nd Anniversary Melodie and Kevin!!

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  1. Kassandra, love what you are doing with your family blog. Great photos and notes to go along with them. Great way to keep us up to your “happenings”. Thanks for sharing!

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