Happy 20th Birthday to my Rebecca!

I was able to travel to Lethbridge this last week with my daughter Vanessa to be there for my Rebecca’s 20th Birthday! Rebecca loves living in Lethbridge although as her mother driving 10 hours, I would definitely rather have her be closer to home! While we were there, I made sure to get in a photo shoot for this important milestone…that my last daughter is no longer a teenager. We had fun walking, talking, shopping and of course taking pictures! These were taken at Nicholas Sheran Park in Lethbridge, a beautiful huge park found in the West side of the city minutes from where Rebecca lives. Being in Lethbridge brought back good memories, as that is where 4 of our 5 children were born and Don and I both graduated from University of Lethbridge!

I had fun using some of the NIK plugins for a couple of the photos as well as Adobe Lightroom for the organizing and editing. Nik plugins are now free through Google, I was happy to find out!

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